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Email Etiquette = Career Success!

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
~ Benjamin Franklin
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Professional & Tech Savvy

Proper technology and email use can make or break how you are perceived online and...
  • If you will be hired over perceived competitors.
  • If you are a contact to be trusted.
  • If you will be easy and efficient to communicate with.
  • If you know when and how to best use technology.
This little workshop will make sure that you are perceived as the epitome of professionalism!

Quick & Easy Email Etiquette & Proper Technology Use Workshop

Here's how it works! For $5.95:
  • 25+ Chapters Filled with Useful Info You Can Put to Work Immediately
  • Complete at Your Convenience
  • 30 Days to Complete Your Workshop
  • A downloadable Printable Certificate of Completion
Are you ready? Let's get to work, shall we?

Business Technology & Email Etiquette Workshop

The Workshop

Gain the skills to use email and technology to build partnerships and your business.

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Take Your Time

You have 30 days to take The Workshop at your convenience.



Once you pass the course, download your certificate of completion.

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